Side Reins with Rubber Donut

Product Code: 124852

Retail Price: $59.99

Color: Havanna

Size: Horse 39-44 1/2"

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Beautifully crafted from supple, pre-conditioned leather. It has snaps on the end and has rubber donuts to help for a more comfortable and correct workout for the horse. It is completely adjustable and a great training aid. All the hardware is made of stamped steel. Adjustable from approximately 39-44 1/2" inches, however with adding more holes and trimming the leather you could get it down to 28".

Color: Havanna
Size:  Horse 39-44 1/2"

Model Number and UPC Information

Style Item Number UPC
Horse 39-44 1/2" Havanna 5-105681 840875000978

Customer Reviews (4)

Juli T

from Michigan

January 16, 2024
Nice quality for price.

Vicki H

from Wisconsin

February 8, 2021
Nice quality
Good price and nice quality.

Jennifer H

from Michigan

June 8, 2019
Work as expected.

Maria B

from Pennsylvania

October 3, 2016
Nice tool lacks uniform quality of leather, runs BIG
Love the idea of the side reins. those are very buttery and I love the clasp for the bit, BUT leather either thick or thin, or it starts thick and then thins out.. wonder how long they would last. The die will come off really quick but to me it is not the main tack so i can live with that

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