Plain Reins

Product Code: 124894

Retail Price: $29.99

Color: Havanna

Sizes: 3/8 Horse, 1/2 Horse, 5/8 Horse, 5/8 Pony, 5/8 X-Long, 5/8 x 64"

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Beautifully crafted from supple, pre-conditioned leather. These reins are 1/2" and are a flat rein that can be used as a pelham rein. Features hook studs at the bit ends and buckle at the top. Nice enough for the show ring yet durable enough for everyday use.

Overall length 108"

Model Number and UPC Information

Style Item Number UPC
3/8 Horse Havanna 5-105643 840875000930
1/2 Horse Havanna 5-105644 840875000923
5/8 Horse Havanna 5-105645 840875000947
5/8 Pony Havanna 5-506833 840875099620
5/8 X-Long Havanna 5-506834 840875099637
5/8 x 64" Havanna 5-645365 840875002019

Customer Reviews (11)

Pam N

from New York

January 16, 2024
Nice reins, needed them to match the Gatsby bridle, using them on my mechanical hackamore.

Holly F

from Hawaii

January 16, 2024
thin but great for the price!

Jess D

from Massachusetts

January 16, 2024
Reins were soft and just what I needed. Shipping took an extremely long time, I would hesitate to buy for here again because of the shipping time.

Janeen S

from California

January 16, 2024
Supple and pretty


from Alabama

January 16, 2024
I am really disappointed in these reins. When I purchased them in the past, they were really nice! But this time, 3 sets out of the 4 are impossible to get on the bit. The keeper on the bit end of the rein is too small, so the rein will not go through it so you cannot connect the bit to the bridle. I'm going to see if I can find someone local to fix them rather than shipping them back. I'm really disappointed because in the past, these have been really good reins.

Rachel M

from South Carolina

January 16, 2024
Reins arrived oiled and are already comfortable in my hands. The length is spot on, and they're a great value for the price point.

melanie r

from Kentucky

January 16, 2024
Perfect long reins!
Super soft and supple leather right out of the package. 120" total length for the Extra Long. Amazing quality for this price, the leather is the perfect about of grippy and broken in and super easy to clean

Andrew W

from Virginia

July 30, 2018
Good buy
Kind of an odd smell before the first cleaning, but is nice quality leather and very soft and smooth. I use these for polo reins (so I can only comfortably use plain reins, not braided) and they are a perfect price for it since it will be used heavily.

Kristen C

from Texas

June 16, 2018
Great product got the price. Arrived on time and ready to use.

Lisa R

from Connecticut

January 16, 2018
Nice quality rein. Perfect width. Went perfectly with my newly oiled bridle.

Suzanne F

from New Jersey

January 16, 2018
Great reins

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