Fancy Raised Standing Martingale

Product Code: 733297

Retail Price: $54.99

Color: Havanna

Sizes: Cob, Horse, Pony, Oversize

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Fancy Raised Standing Martingale

Crafted from supple, pre-conditioned leather. Features fancy raised leather, fully adjustable and all the hardware is made of stamped steel.


Our Number: 5-506812

UPC: 840875099415

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Emily H

from New Jersey

September 29, 2016

Can't Beat the Price for a Fancy Stitched Martingale

I am liking this martingale so far. Straight out of the packaging, it was soft and supple. The detailing is very nice on the stitching. The only reason I gave 4 stars is because the color isn't consistent. The strap leading up to the bridle isn't the same as the rest of it. The color varies slightly, but if I didn't point it out no one would even notice. The darker brown color matches all my tack nicely. I am very particular with matching tack. Great buy!

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