Ultra Soft Nylon Safety Halter

Product Code: 166514

Retail Price: $13.99

Colors: Navy, Hunter Green, Brown, Black, Royal Blue, Red, Purple, Pink, Baby Blue, Turquoise

Sizes: Horse, Cob, Pony, Foal, Oversize, Weanling

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Made of a ultra-soft, durable nylon, features silver plated hardware, trigger snap on the side, fixed chin single buckle crown and a leather piece between the buckle and the cheek piece that makes this halter a safety halter. The leather piece acts as a breakaway, can easily be replaced and can be used for turnout.

Model Number and UPC Information

Style Item Number UPC
Horse Navy 5-121167 840875051277
Horse Hunter Green 5-121168 840875051284
Horse Brown 5-121169 840875051291
Horse Black 5-121170 840875051307
Horse Royal Blue 5-121171 840875051314
Horse Red 5-121172 840875051321
Horse Purple 5-121173 840875051338
Horse Pink 5-121174 840875051345
Cob Navy 5-121175 840875051352
Cob Hunter Green 5-121176 840875051369
Cob Brown 5-121177 840875051376
Cob Black 5-121178 840875051383
Cob Royal Blue 5-121179 840875051390
Cob Red 5-121180 840875051406
Cob Purple 5-121181 840875051413
Cob Pink 5-121182 840875051420
Pony Pink 5-121183 840875051437
Pony Baby Blue 5-121184 840875051444
Foal Pink 5-121185 840875051451
Foal Baby Blue 5-121186 840875051468
Cob Baby Blue 5-267140 840875086026
Horse Baby Blue 5-267141 840875086033
Pony Black 5-267142 840875086040
Pony Hunter Green 5-267143 840875086057
Pony Red 5-267145 840875086064
Pony Royal Blue 5-267375 840875086071
Pony Navy 5-267378 840875086088
Pony Purple 5-608077 840875001753
Oversize Pink 4-263625 840151623990
Oversize Baby Blue 4-263626 840151624003
Oversize Black 4-263627 840151624010
Oversize Hunter Green 4-263628 840151624027
Oversize Red 4-263629 840151624034
Oversize Royal Blue 4-263630 840151624041
Oversize Navy 4-263631 840151624058
Oversize Purple 4-263632 840151624065
Weanling Pink 4-263633 840151624072
Weanling Baby Blue 4-263634 840151624089
Weanling Black 4-263635 840151624096
Weanling Hunter Green 4-263636 840151624102
Weanling Red 4-263637 840151624119
Weanling Royal Blue 4-263638 840151624126
Weanling Navy 4-263639 840151624133
Weanling Purple 4-263640 840151624140
Pony Turquoise 4-288739 840151628124
Foal Turquoise 4-288740 840151628131
Oversize Turquoise 4-288741 840151628148
Weanling Turquoise 4-288742 840151628155
Cob Turquoise 4-288743 840151628162
Horse Turquoise 4-288744 840151628179

Customer Reviews (24)

Verified Purchase

margaret s

from Florida

April 22, 2021

Product as advertised
Verified Purchase

Minette B

from Florida

March 20, 2021

Not a safety halter. Runs big

Bought for a pony but it is very big. Put it on horse colt. He had a freak accident, it did not break. It cut into his poll until lead rope broke.
Verified Purchase

Reagan E

from Georgia

March 9, 2021

Amazing quality
Verified Purchase

Carrie M

from California

March 7, 2021

It's not terrible. It seems a little flimsy but may just be because it is soft.They do run large. Pony size is too big for my 13 hand Welsh.
Verified Purchase

CarterWood Stables C

from South Carolina

February 24, 2021

They are larger than average horse. The cob standard size.
Verified Purchase

Ismail S

from Florida

February 11, 2021

huge size buckle on the wrong side
Verified Purchase

Shandi E

from Louisiana

December 30, 2020

A little big but will work. Feel soft and comfortable. Hopefully it holds up well.
Verified Purchase

Kassidy R

from Pennsylvania

January 20, 2020

Good product
Verified Purchase

Whittenburg J

from Florida

December 23, 2019

These halters last several months with horses turned out 24/7. They last longer on the older horses that don't rough house
Verified Purchase

Amy M

from New Jersey

December 22, 2019

Great halter!

These halters are super soft and fits great!
Verified Purchase

Penny P

from South Dakota

August 6, 2019

For the money a value
Verified Purchase

Hartley P

from Canada

July 26, 2019

Soft but small fit

bought horse size but tends be fit for small horse
Verified Purchase

Virginia W

from Montana

May 26, 2019

Runs big

This halter runs large. I bought it for a medium pony, but it fits my cob.
Verified Purchase

Amanda G

from Texas

May 24, 2019

Cheap Halter

Feels like a very cheaply made halter. The metal seems to be poorly crafted aluminum, almost to sharp of edge to use on my thin skinned horse. The nylon is very thin and flimsy.
Verified Purchase

Gail N

from Indiana

July 23, 2018

The halter seems to run somewhat small.
Verified Purchase

Jennifer B

from Massachusetts

February 6, 2018

Good back up halter
Verified Purchase

Savannah R

from North Carolina

December 3, 2017

Cute Halter Very Soft

I like this halter because it is soft and comfy for my horse, order as size smaller than what you usually get because they run big only reason I'm giving it a 4 star is because the hardware does seam cheap

Kim F

from Florida

November 26, 2017

Beautiful colors

They run very large, A pony size fit a 15.2 horse. Only down fall but gorgeous colors

Kelley R

from California

May 30, 2016

Sizing is odd

Very soft, and colors true to pictured, sizing seems to run a bit large. The foal size is proper size around the nose, but very large under the throat and over the pole. Even if I punched more holes, the cheek pieces would be up to the horses eyes. The cob and horse sizes also seem to be odd sized in the same way, just not as much.
Verified Purchase

Lisa F

from New York

May 13, 2016

Arabian Halter

I bought as directed and it did not fit properly, it was to big.
Verified Purchase

Julia K

from Cyprus

December 5, 2015

its a relly good quality halter and the coloure is very bright

Verified Purchase

Jami M

from Tennessee

October 26, 2015

Better than the more expensive halters

Pros: Love this product. Fits better and doesn't rub. Does its job.
Verified Purchase

Cheryl P

from Arkansas

April 18, 2015

Love it

Pros: Inexpensive, Sturdy, Safe for turnout
Comments: I put these on my horses furing turnout and added a metal plate on the side with our contact info....just in case
Verified Purchase

Chelsea M

from Canada

December 14, 2014


Pros: Very soft, as the title suggests. The colours (pink & purple in my case) were beautiful and true to the pictures. Great for the price. Love that it has a breakaway tab.
Cons: Fairly simple design. Not personally a fan of the clip design, but definitely nothing terrible.

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