Triple Stitched Leather Halter

Product Code: 701252

Retail Price: $59.99

Color: Black

Sizes: Horse, Cob

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Made of a supple triple stitched leather, features satin-finish nickel-plated hardware, single buckle crown, snap on the side, fixed chin and rolled throat. Great for anything from turn-out to trailering.

Model Number and UPC Information

Style Item Number UPC
Horse Black 5-477145 840875098258
Cob Black 5-477146 840875098227

Customer Reviews (2)

Mikayla T

from Pennsylvania

November 8, 2016
Get what you paid for
This is a cheap halter and i was only planning on using it for turnout but it didn't fit right although its the same size as all of my other halters, the leather isn't the best either but it matches the price

Diana H

from Oregon

December 15, 2015
Pros: The leather was nice and supple. The snap was very nice and is easy to use.The triple stitched leather looks very nice and showy.The halter overall was very sturdy, and looks like it is going to hold up well.
Cons: The buckle was stiff, and a little hard to adjust, but that didn't matter to me, because that's what the snap is for!
Comments: This is an great halter that looks nice and sturdy. The cob size fit my 13 hh molly mule to a T. Normally halters are tight on her jaw, but this halter fit perfect! I am a very happy customer, and I am ordering one now for my horse too! This halter also is not a breakaway, which I love. Overall this is a great halter!
~EDIT~ I have had this halter for a year now, and it snapped on me!! It was a good halter for when It lasted, but It is not very strong! I had bought another, but I now do not trust It and only use it when grooming my mule. Overall, save your money and get a better halter. The price reflects it's quality!

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