Terra Fleece Padded Nylon Halter with Matching Lead

Product Code: 1038580

Retail Price: $33.99

Colors: Yellow/Brown/Tan/Orange, Tan/Hunter/Yellow/Brown, Lilac/Silver/DarkGrey/Purple, Pink/Grey/Black/Silver

Sizes: Pony, Cob, Horse, Oversize

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From the original Gatsby. Premium quality nylon halter features an adjustable crown and nose, soft and comfy terra fleece padding, snap-closure, and durable satin-finish hardware. Includes Matching 6' lead with wrist loop and satin-finish snap. All the style and features of a high quality halter and lead without the cost.

Model Number and UPC Information

Style Item Number UPC
Pony Yellow/Brown/Tan/Orange 5-650124 840875002118
Cob Yellow/Brown/Tan/Orange 5-650125 840875002125
Horse Yellow/Brown/Tan/Orange 5-650126 840875002132
Oversize Yellow/Brown/Tan/Orange 5-650127 840875002149
Pony Tan/Hunter/Yellow/Brown 5-650128 840875002156
Cob Tan/Hunter/Yellow/Brown 5-650129 840875002163
Horse Tan/Hunter/Yellow/Brown 5-650130 840875002170
Oversize Tan/Hunter/Yellow/Brown 5-650131 840875002187
Pony Lilac/Silver/DarkGrey/Purple 5-650132 840875002194
Cob Lilac/Silver/DarkGrey/Purple 5-650133 840875002200
Horse Lilac/Silver/DarkGrey/Purple 5-650134 840875002217
Oversize Lilac/Silver/DarkGrey/Purple 5-650135 840875002224
Pony Pink/Grey/Black/Silver 5-650136 840875002231
Cob Pink/Grey/Black/Silver 5-650137 840875002248
Horse Pink/Grey/Black/Silver 5-650138 840875002255
Oversize Pink/Grey/Black/Silver 5-650139 840875002262

Customer Reviews (9)

Verified Purchase

Dora M

from North Carolina

February 23, 2021

It looks better than I imagined.

The halter is a actually bigger than I thought but it will work on another horse instead of my small donkey. Very soft. No regrets on ordering the halter.
Verified Purchase


from Wisconsin

February 15, 2021

The halter fit on the smallest setting. I bought a cob size and fits like a full horse size.
Verified Purchase

Grayce B

from California

September 29, 2020

Very soft padding. Runs a little large, but overall a good product for the price.
Verified Purchase

deanna p

from Michigan

April 22, 2020

Loved them very well put together .
Verified Purchase

Keelyn F

from Oregon

June 4, 2019

"Oversized" might fit your draft horse!

I have a Clydesdale and I was unable to find ANYwhere that explained what "over sized" should fit, or measurements of the halter. So I bought one in hopes it would fit, and it does. I love it, it's vibrant and exactly what I had hoped it would be.
Verified Purchase

Kristal O

from California

December 20, 2018

Like the color choices
Verified Purchase

David N

from Connecticut

February 7, 2018

Great deal

Fits perfectly looks great
Verified Purchase

Jennifer P

from Texas

January 31, 2018

Love it

Kelley R

from California

March 19, 2016


Pros: Love the color block pattern, Terry padding on nose and crown.
Cons: Hardware is extremely thin cheap, no weight to any of it, almost like plastic in strength.
Comments: Sizes run VERY LARGE! The pony size easily fits my Arabians on the smaller adjustments, and my 15 hand quarter horses on the larger adjutments. The horse size fits my Warmbloods with ease, and my perched on mare on the larger adjustments. I love the colors and style of this halter, I wish the hardware was better quality! Mine was broken when my horse just tossed her head while tied (not even pulled back) very flimsy, light weight metal. The rest on the materials seem great.

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