Nylon Halter with Removable Fleece

Product Code: 157670

Retail Price: $29.99

Colors: Black, Brown, Green, Hunter, Navy, Purple, Mint Green, Red, Royal Blue

Sizes: Cob, Horse

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A new twist on an old favorite! This classic Nylon halter has a unique feature. The fleece lining on the cheeks, crown, and caveson are Velcro and therefore removable. Fleece lining is important for horses that wear halters often because it will prevent chafing. Other features include, Nickel plated hardware, adjustable crown and caveson, and a snap at the throat. Will be a great halter for around the barn or even in the trailer. Fleece color can vary.

Model Number and UPC Information

Style Item Number UPC
Cob Black 5-111356 840875043807
Cob Brown 5-111357 840875043814
Cob Green 5-111358 840875043821
Cob Hunter 5-111359 840875043838
Cob Navy 5-111360 840875043845
Cob Purple 5-111361 840875043852
Horse Black 5-111362 840875043869
Horse Brown 5-111363 840875046549
Horse Green 5-111364 840875043876
Horse Hunter 5-111365 840875043883
Horse Navy 5-111366 840875043890
Horse Purple 5-111367 840875043906
Cob Mint Green 5-122814 840875052175
Horse Mint Green 5-122815 840875052182
Cob Red 5-157519 840875065731
Horse Red 5-157520 840875065748
Cob Royal Blue 5-157521 840875065755
Horse Royal Blue 5-157522 840875065762

Customer Reviews (7)

Candace P

from Maine

January 16, 2024
Great halter at a great price!

Sandra G

from Indiana

January 16, 2024
Nice halter
These are the only halters my mare can wear with out loosing hair and getting sores, they fit nice also!

Melody T

from Virginia

January 16, 2024
This is 1 of the 2 I ordered. Suddenly they are out of the second one I ordered! I wanted my 2 mares with matching halters but guess my idea is wrecked now.

Armantine W

from North Carolina

May 4, 2019
Only halter I can turn my guy out in with grazing muzzle attached. Did convert it to a break away halter with leather piece at pole buckle.... bought 3 of these to rotate.

Sapielak B

from Michigan

February 24, 2019
Great Value halter!
Really great halter to prevent rubs!

Donna M. S

from California

March 15, 2017
Disapointed with color of halter sent
I ordered the Hunter colored halter. Images showed the halter to be hunter green for the straps and a darker green for the padding on the nose and cheeks. When we got the halter, the color of the halter was fine, but the padding was white, not dark green as pictured.While it may seem trivial to some, it totally changed the look of the halter and was not a color combo I would have purchased had I know this.

Kelley R

from California

March 19, 2016
Soft, Thick padding!
To add to my last review, I got the Navy that has navy fleece padding, and the green (that is more neon green than the Kelly green pictured) that has black fleece paddding. Love them!

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