Classic Nylon Halter with Snap

Product Code: 153134

Retail Price: $12.99

Colors: Navy, Hunter, Royal Blue, Red, Black, Purple, Pink

Sizes: Horse, Cob, Pony, Oversize

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From the original Gatsby. This classically designed halter is made of a double ply nylon, features a single buckle crown, holes on the crown have grommets in them for a better fit snap on the side, and brass plated hardware.

Model Number and UPC Information

Style Item Number UPC
Horse Navy 5-110661 840875039176
Horse Hunter 5-110662 840875039183
Horse Royal Blue 5-110663 840875039190
Horse Red 5-110664 840875039206
Horse Black 5-110665 840875039213
Horse Purple 5-110666 840875039220
Cob Navy 5-110667 840875039237
Cob Hunter 5-110668 840875039244
Cob Royal Blue 5-110669 840875039251
Cob Red 5-110670 840875039268
Cob Black 5-110671 840875039275
Cob Pink 5-110672 840875039282
Horse Pink 5-122921 840875052601
Cob Purple 5-122922 840875052618
Pony Purple 5-242139 840875076638
Pony Royal Blue 5-242140 840875076645
Pony Black 5-281297 840875087634
Pony Hunter 5-281298 840875087641
Pony Navy 5-281299 840875087658
Pony Pink 5-281300 840875087665
Pony Red 5-281301 840875087672
Oversize Hunter 5-419653 840875091358
Oversize Pink 5-419655 840875091372
Oversize Red 5-419656 840875091389
Oversize Royal Blue 5-419657 840875091396
Oversize Purple 5-419658 840875091402

Customer Reviews (14)

Good S

from Arizona

January 16, 2024
It is what you would expect for the price. The snap at the throatlatch is cheap and does not fit snugly. The halter runs larger than expected for the size.

Destinee P

from South Carolina

January 16, 2024
Nylon is good metal is cheap
Very thin buckles. If you need to sell a horse with a halter give them this. It is cost effective for a cheap throw away.

Brandt H

from Tennessee

January 16, 2024
Great quality for an economical price
Great quality and super price!

Amy B

from Florida

May 7, 2021
The buckles are not well made & they are quite large. The pony size was way too big for our full size donkey

Jessica B

from Ohio

March 5, 2021
Much larger than expected. Too big for my pony more like cob or small horse size not pony sized.

Amaris B

from Texas

March 4, 2021
It is NOT pony size, i ordered pony size, and it fit my 14 hand mare. OK quality.

Laura C

from Virginia

January 26, 2021
Inexpensive halter, perfect for my needs.

Sena S

from Arkansas

January 26, 2021
Good buy
This item was back ordered so I haven't received it yet.

Parra B P

from Florida

December 23, 2020
Nice product

Laura B

from New York

December 5, 2020
The halter was beautiful and fit my Belgian mare perfectly

Penny K

from Pennsylvania

November 2, 2020
Great halter
Super halter at a fantastic price

Haylee J

from Virginia

July 8, 2020
Good price but cheap material
When this item delivered I was immediately underwhelmed by the cheap material although I figured I had bought it for $8 so what was I expecting. Also if you r planing on buying this product I would recommend buying this in a darker color because the nylon stains super easily

Jennifer B

from New York

April 23, 2020
Nice simple halter. I love these

Mike B

from Missouri

May 25, 2019
Perfect extra halter for the stable.

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