Classic Nylon 2-Tone Halter

Product Code: 346786

Retail Price: $12.99

Colors: Olive/Navy, Navy/Light Blue, Hunter/Navy

Sizes: Pony, Cob, Horse, Oversize

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From the original Gatsby. This classically designed halter is made of a double ply nylon, features a single buckle crown, holes on the crown have grommets in them for a better fit, snap on the side, and nickel-plated hardware.

Model Number and UPC Information

Style Item Number UPC
Pony Olive/Navy 5-281238 840875087474
Cob Olive/Navy 5-281239 840875087481
Horse Olive/Navy 5-281240 840875087498
Oversize Olive/Navy 5-281241 840875087504
Pony Navy/Light Blue 5-281242 840875087511
Cob Navy/Light Blue 5-281243 840875087528
Horse Navy/Light Blue 5-281244 840875087535
Oversize Navy/Light Blue 5-281245 840875087542
Pony Hunter/Navy 4-387386 840151646517
Cob Hunter/Navy 4-387387 840151646524
Horse Hunter/Navy 4-387388 840151646531
Oversize Hunter/Navy 4-387389 840151646548

Customer Reviews (4)

Jill D

from Indiana

January 16, 2024
I like this halter except the cheap clasp. Plus the lower part is not adjustable.

Zoe J

from Florida

February 8, 2021
it’s good. true to size

Hanson L

from California

January 3, 2021
Not a top of the line halter, but certainly a top of the line deal..
Halter is not top quality, but for the money paid for it, it is a great value. Our halters stay at the gate where the horses are whether the stall or turnout which means all kinds of weather. This one is functional and attractive and not one we feel like we need to pamper.

Amanda L

from Florida

December 20, 2019
Great halter

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