Classic Cowboy Rope Halter

Product Code: 153087

Retail Price: $10.99

Colors: Beige/ Burgundy, Beige/Burg/Navy, Black/Beige, Black/Royal Blue, Brown/Beige, Burgundy/ Steel Grey, Hunter/Black, Teal/Black, Lt Purple/Purple, Light Purple/ Green, Navy/ Burgundy, Purple/Black, Purple/Pink, Red/Black, Royal Blue/ Steel Grey, Mint Green/Pink, Lime Green/Black, Brown/Baby Blue, Lt Grey / Black, Lt Grey / Pink, Navy/ Red White, Red/Gold, Brown / Baby Blue / Horse, Dark Grey / Pink, Navy / Red White / Horse, Black, Navy, Red, Royal, Turquoise

Size: Horse

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Made by Gatsby, a reputable company that has been making quality goods for over 30 years, this is a Classic Cowboy rope halter. This wonderful halter features:

  • Tightly woven, pliable, adjustable rope halter
  • Heat sealed and brass clamp secured ends to prevent fraying and make it easier to adjust
  • The nose and crown are doubled for more support

This halter is great for using around the barn, when trailering and as a training aid to help prevent your horse from learning to pull back. It is extremely soft and pliable, so it is easier to adjust and won't chafe your horse's head. Try it and see why more people are switching to quality Gatsby items for their horses.

Model Number and UPC Information

Style Item Number UPC
Horse Beige/ Burgundy 5-111104 840875041346
Horse Beige/Burg/Navy 5-111105 840875041353
Horse Black/Beige 5-111106 840875041360
Horse Black/Royal Blue 5-111107 840875041377
Horse Brown/Beige 5-111108 840875041384
Horse Burgundy/ Steel Grey 5-111109 840875041391
Horse Hunter/Black 5-111110 840875041407
Horse Teal/Black 5-111111 840875041414
Horse Lt Purple/Purple 5-111112 840875041421
Horse Light Purple/ Green 5-111113 840875041438
Horse Navy/ Burgundy 5-111114 840875041445
Horse Purple/Black 5-111115 840875041452
Horse Purple/Pink 5-111116 840875041469
Horse Red/Black 5-111117 840875041476
Horse Royal Blue/ Steel Grey 5-111118 840875041483
Horse Mint Green/Pink 5-136688 840875055299
Horse Lime Green/Black 5-156315 840875059662
Horse Brown/Baby Blue 5-221558 0840875070681
Horse Lt Grey / Black 5-221559 840875070698
Horse Lt Grey / Pink 5-221560 840875094069
Horse Navy/ Red White 5-221561 840875094076
Horse Red/Gold 5-230140 840875070957
Horse Brown / Baby Blue / Horse 5-234992 840875070681
Horse Dark Grey / Pink 5-234993 840875070704
Horse Navy / Red White / Horse 5-234994 840875070711
Horse Black 5-471962 840875096933
Horse Navy 5-471963 840875096940
Horse Red 5-471964 840875096957
Horse Royal 5-471965 840875096964
Horse Turquoise 4-288728 840151620203

Customer Reviews (12)

Emma S

from North Carolina

January 16, 2024
It’s pretty good for the price, but you can definitely find something better for a slightly higher price.

Danielle M

from Minnesota

January 16, 2024
Horse size is too small…
Advertised as “horse” size. The nose fits fine, but the cheek knot distance from the nose is significantly shorter (specifically 6.5”) than other horse sized halters. It’s a very green-hued turquoise. I bought for making custom leather nosebands, and unfortunately didn’t check sizing until after return date. Can’t use ‘em :(

Carrie T

from Nevada

January 16, 2024
Great halter, needed a new one as my old buckaroo finally broke. this one broke in and horse size fits my big guy perfectly!

Angela M

from Michigan

January 16, 2024
Pretty color

Susan S

from North Carolina

January 16, 2024
Great quality
My farrier made a halter like this for me several years ago and charged me $25.00. I bought two for less than that from Horseloverz, and the quality is surprisingly good! I like to use rope halters when I groom my horses, and this halter is very good quality!

Willie C

from Oklahoma

January 16, 2024
Good price, timely shipping, good overall.

Randy H

from California

April 23, 2021
Great Value on Cowboy Rope Halter
Just as advertise.... I bought 4 of them, great price

Kelli W

from Ohio

March 28, 2021
Very nice quality for the price.

Margo Y

from Michigan

March 11, 2021
Would buy from this site again
Great quality rope halter

Ashlie H

from Colorado

March 5, 2021
Good buy
Nice quality for the price.

Micah S

from Arizona

March 3, 2021

Lisa P

from California

September 25, 2018
Decent halter for a broke horse
For what it is, this is a decent halter with a nice fiador knot at the bottom. For me, personally, I like a thinner halter with 4 knots, but I got a handful of these on sale for a great price and they do serve a function. I would not use this for training a horse, which is what I do most, but should be fine for a nice, broke horse.

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