Classic Cowboy Halter with Lead

Product Code: 153112

Retail Price: $15.99

Colors: Beige/ Burgundy, Beige/Burgundy/Navy, Black/Beige, Black/Royal Blue, Brown/Beige, Burgundy/ Steel Grey, Hunter/Black, Teal/Black, Light Purple/Purple, Light Purple/ Green, Navy/ Burgundy, Purple/Black, Purple/Pink, Red/Black, Royal Blue/ Steel Grey, Lime Green/Black, Turquoise/Black, Turquoise/Brown, Turquoise/Cream, Turquoise/Red, Turquoise/Silver

Size: Horse

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Made by Gatsby, a reputable company that has been making quality goods for over 30 years, this is Classic Cowboy rope halter with lead. This wonderful halter features:

  • Tightly woven, pliable, adjustable rope halter
  • Heat sealed and brass clamp secured ends to prevent fraying and make it easier to adjust
  • The nose and crown are doubled for more support
  • Matching polypropylene lead that is already attached, measuring approx. 5 - 6 feet long
  • Heat sealed ends on the lead to help prevent fraying
This halter is great for using around the barn, when trailering and as a training aid to help prevent your horse from learning to pull back. It is extremely soft and pliable, so it is easier to adjust and won't chafe your horse's head. Try it and see why more people are switching to quality Gatsby items for their horses.

Model Number and UPC Information

Style Item Number UPC
Horse Beige/ Burgundy 5-111119 840875041292
Horse Beige/Burgundy/Navy 5-111120 840875041308
Horse Black/Beige 5-111121 840875041315
Horse Black/Royal Blue 5-111122 840875041322
Horse Brown/Beige 5-111123 840875041339
Horse Burgundy/ Steel Grey 5-111124 840875041490
Horse Hunter/Black 5-111125 840875041506
Horse Teal/Black 5-111126 840875041513
Horse Light Purple/Purple 5-111127 840875041520
Horse Light Purple/ Green 5-111128 840875041537
Horse Navy/ Burgundy 5-111129 840875041544
Horse Purple/Black 5-111130 840875041551
Horse Purple/Pink 5-111131 840875041568
Horse Red/Black 5-111132 840875041575
Horse Royal Blue/ Steel Grey 5-111133 840875041582
Horse Lime Green/Black 5-153044 840875059655
Horse Turquoise/Black 4-288730 840151628032
Horse Turquoise/Brown 4-288731 840151628049
Horse Turquoise/Cream 4-288732 840151628056
Horse Turquoise/Red 4-288733 840151628063
Horse Turquoise/Silver 4-288734 840151628070

Customer Reviews (1)

Michael S

from Texas

September 5, 2020
Good Halter!
Well made halter and price was right on.

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