Padded Leather Halter - Black - Horse

Product Code: 701254

Retail Price: $59.99

Colors: Black, Brown

Sizes: Horse, Cob

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Made of a supple leather, features satin-finish nickel-plated hardware, double buckle crown, snap on the side, adjustable chin, rolled throat and is self padded on the noseband and crown piece. Great for anything from turn-out to trailering.

Model Number and UPC Information

Style Item Number UPC
Horse Black 5-477147 840875098234
Cob Black 5-477148 840875098241
Horse Brown 5-637840 840875001999
Cob Brown 5-637841 840875002002

Customer Reviews (18)

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Gina F

from California

March 31, 2021

Softer than expected, very happy for the price
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Susan S

from Illinois

December 23, 2019

Good quality halter

Great price for a nice quality halter! This was a BOGO on top of a good price.
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ashleigh r

from Washington

September 12, 2019

Comfy but rusty

I paid $17 and it's still going strong, so it was a good buy. I wish it had non-rust hardware, brass or stainless, because it's rusty and that looks cheap.
Verified Purchase

Jjjj H

from Washington

June 11, 2019

A little stuff needs lots of conditioning and softening
Verified Purchase

Felicia F

from Texas

February 24, 2019

Great buy

Absolutely beautiful wonderfully soft would buy again
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Gretchen D

from New Jersey

February 13, 2019

I have used Gatsby halters for over ten years and always loved the quality that you received for a great price. While this halter is soft and supple the quality and thickness of the leather has significantly declined. The hardware also seems less sturdy compared to older Gatsby halters. In the past my horses rarely broke a Gatsby halter...the current models seem like they will break very easily.
Verified Purchase

Lisa H

from Canada

January 21, 2019

Beautiful halter and perfect for the name plate I purchased from my work place.
Verified Purchase

holly h

from New Jersey

December 17, 2018

great halter

Love, love love these halters, especially since they changed the throat latch snap, the older style broke all the time. New one is great and what top quality especially when I get them on sale
Verified Purchase

Tina Z

from Pennsylvania

December 13, 2018

Nice quality for low price. I am impressed
Verified Purchase

Pamela B

from California

February 2, 2018


I went into this with my eyes wide open, so don't get me wrong. I figured this wouldn't be a high-quality leather halter, and it isn't. The leather is the kind that will peel off if your horse gives it a good rub. Guess what? Two days into owning it, my horse tried to rub it off his face when I wasn't looking. The finish on the nose portion is totally ruined. Sigh. I wonder if they sell that spray-on leather stuff. Hmm. Anyway, hardware is nice and sturdy. Just keep your eye on your horse when he's wearing it otherwise you'll end up with one like mine.
Verified Purchase

Barbara B

from Michigan

January 30, 2018

very nice for the price

Soft. Flexible. The chin strap becomes very soft and stretches. I have had to cut it shorter. The hardware is actually a frosty silver.
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Carole H

from Michigan

January 29, 2018

very nice for the price

Soft. Flexible.The chin strap becomes very soft and stretches. I have had to cut it shorter. The hardware is actually a frosty silver.

Nicole I

from Virginia

February 7, 2017

stiff and cheap

I love horseloverz but I am not so pleased with this "leather" halter. It is very stiff and cheaply made, like cardboard. The hardware is cheap, too, and the leather is so stiff the snap digs into my horse's cheek. I think this is a good purchase if you want a breakaway halter.
Verified Purchase

brittany h

from Georgia

September 8, 2016

Best Halter for the Price!

I bought this halter on sale for $12. This is such a good quality halter for the price, I was honestly shocked! I added some sparkle and now I have an adorable, custom show halter!
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kaeleigh f

from Connecticut

July 16, 2016

Good Quality for the price

I'm pretty pleased, the halter is cheap but it's soft and nice quality.
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Liz H

from Iowa

June 10, 2016


Nice leather, good price! BOGO sale was great!
Verified Purchase

Brittanie B

from Indiana

December 22, 2015

Soft and Durable

Pros: Soft LeatherWell Made
Comments: This is a great halter at a bargain price. Like all new leather items, be prepared to oil this before your start using it. The leather is gorgeous and I will certainly buy more of these in the future!
Verified Purchase

Lanna K

from Arizona

June 5, 2014

Beautiful Halter!

Pros: this halter is very well made, soft like butter and generously padded.
Cons: They weren't on sale when I went back to buy more!
Comments: Great, quality hlter at a great price! I got mine on sale, and it made it an even greater buy!

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