Adjustable Nylon Halter with Snap

Product Code: 153141

Retail Price: $11.99

Colors: Navy, Hunter, Royal, Red, Black, Purple, Pink

Sizes: Horse, Cob, Pony, Oversize

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Adjustable Nylon Halter with Snap

Classically designed with an adjustable single buckle crown, brass-plated grommets, snap on the side, double-ply nylon, adjustable chin strap and brass-plated hardware. This halter is great for any horse person, whether you are an occassional rider, everyday rider or even just like to have a horse as a companion.

Model Number and UPC Information

Style Item Number UPC
Horse Navy 5-110673 840875039299
Horse Hunter 5-110674 840875039305
Horse Royal 5-110675 840875039312
Horse Red 5-110676 840875039329
Horse Black 5-110677 840875039336
Horse Purple 5-110678 840875039343
Cob Navy 5-110679 840875039350
Cob Hunter 5-110680 840875039367
Cob Royal 5-110681 840875039374
Cob Red 5-110682 840875039381
Cob Black 5-110683 840875039398
Cob Pink 5-110684 840875039404
Horse Pink 5-122923 840875052625
Cob Purple 5-122924 840875052632
Pony Black 5-136674 840875055152
Oversize Black 5-136675 840875055169
Pony Hunter 5-136676 840875055176
Oversize Hunter 5-136677 840875055183
Pony Navy 5-136678 840875055190
Oversize Navy 5-136679 840875055206
Pony Pink 5-136680 840875055213
Oversize Pink 5-136681 840875055220
Pony Purple 5-136682 840875055237
Oversize Purple 5-136683 840875055244
Pony Red 5-136684 840875055251
Oversize Red 5-136685 840875055268
Pony Royal 5-136686 840875055275
Oversize Royal 5-136687 840875055282

Customer Reviews (6)

Verified Purchase

Kelsey L

from Iowa

July 28, 2019

Great deal and good quality!

Surprisingly sturdy for the price I got these for. I love the steep discounts from this company.
Verified Purchase


from Texas

June 11, 2019

Was very pretty not as sturdy as others
Verified Purchase

Shelby D

from Tennessee

May 25, 2019

Works great but the horse size is a little too big for my horses. One can’t wear these halters at all because his head is more narrow and long. It will not adjust down enough.
Verified Purchase

Susan L

from Indiana

May 25, 2019

Adjustable and priced right

Really good product for the money. Like that it is adjustable.
Verified Purchase

Bailey M

from Ohio

December 17, 2018

Nice, just very cheaply made. But fair for the price.
Verified Purchase

Sophia S

from Mississippi

January 16, 2018

Excellent halter- My only complaint is it runs a little large.

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