Adjustable Nylon Halter with Snap

Product Code: 153141

Retail Price: $12.99

Colors: Navy, Hunter, Royal, Red, Black, Purple, Pink

Sizes: Horse, Cob, Pony, Oversize

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Classically designed with an adjustable single buckle crown, brass-plated grommets, snap on the side, double-ply nylon, adjustable chin strap and brass-plated hardware. This halter is great for any horse person, whether you are an occassional rider, everyday rider or even just like to have a horse as a companion.

Model Number and UPC Information

Style Item Number UPC
Horse Navy 5-110673 840875039299
Horse Hunter 5-110674 840875039305
Horse Royal 5-110675 840875039312
Horse Red 5-110676 840875039329
Horse Black 5-110677 840875039336
Horse Purple 5-110678 840875039343
Cob Navy 5-110679 840875039350
Cob Hunter 5-110680 840875039367
Cob Royal 5-110681 840875039374
Cob Red 5-110682 840875039381
Cob Black 5-110683 840875039398
Cob Pink 5-110684 840875039404
Horse Pink 5-122923 840875052625
Cob Purple 5-122924 840875052632
Pony Black 5-136674 840875055152
Oversize Black 5-136675 840875055169
Pony Hunter 5-136676 840875055176
Oversize Hunter 5-136677 840875055183
Pony Navy 5-136678 840875055190
Oversize Navy 5-136679 840875055206
Pony Pink 5-136680 840875055213
Oversize Pink 5-136681 840875055220
Pony Purple 5-136682 840875055237
Oversize Purple 5-136683 840875055244
Pony Red 5-136684 840875055251
Oversize Red 5-136685 840875055268
Pony Royal 5-136686 840875055275
Oversize Royal 5-136687 840875055282

Customer Reviews (31)

Amanda W

from Virginia

January 16, 2024
Nice economy halter

christy l

from Michigan

January 16, 2024
These halters are thin and the buckle bends easy. I decided to just use these for turning horses in and out. I like the adjustment on the chin.

Destinee P

from South Carolina

January 16, 2024
Nylon is good buckles cheap
Very thin buckles. If you need to sell a horse with a halter give them this. It is cost effective for a cheap throw away.

Autumn P

from Ohio

January 16, 2024
Runs a bit big
Fit rather large for "horse" size.... but great halter for the price!


from Kentucky

January 16, 2024
Didn't fit, sizing is huge.

Judith Y

from New York

January 16, 2024
Good value
These work well for everyday pasture halters

Cinda C

from Missouri

January 16, 2024
Quality halters

Theresa C

from Missouri

January 16, 2024
Great value
Thin but great price and works good on horses that won’t pull on it

Susan W

from California

January 16, 2024
Sizing off
This was supposed to be pony size, but it was way too big in the nose band. It Fit a regular sized horse. So I ordered the one with an adjustable nose band and it was still too big and I have a fairly large pony.

Cindy P

from Ohio

January 16, 2024
Ok for the price

Jill H

from Wyoming

January 16, 2024
Not super high quality but is great for price!

Lori A

from Arkansas

January 16, 2024
Great buy
Just as described great price love the adjustable nose

Ann E

from Texas

January 16, 2024
Very cheaply made, size isn't even close to accurate. Way too big, even on the smallest adjustment.

margaret s

from Florida

January 16, 2024
Great back up halter

Cyndi O

from California

June 9, 2021
This is on backorder, If I had known that when placing the order--I wouldn't have.

Shannon F

from Mississippi

March 11, 2021
Seems to be a good halter
Seems to be an ok halter. I was expecting a smaller one for a 2 year old.

Donna V

from Arizona

February 5, 2021
DANGEROUS! Cut from sheet metal.
The quality of this item is so poor it is dangerous. It should not be used and should not be sold even at a closeout price. I have never seen a halter made like this. The hardware - even the main buckle! - is cut from sheet metal. Simply terrible. Do not purchase these.

Candace S

from Florida

January 14, 2021
Great price
Can't beat the price. Nice coloring, lightweight halter. A friend at the barn wants one after seeing mine!

shirley b

from Illinois

January 3, 2021
Fits our large pony

Sherri S

from Massachusetts

October 12, 2020
A little big for our horse, but nice quality.

Linda H

from Maryland

October 5, 2020
Great only comment is that that it runs large....I ordered horse size for my QH and my arab. They were much too big. The cob fit perfectly. Also ordered pony size for my small pony and it was a better fit for my larger welsh pony. Order a size down and you will be fine. Order horse size only if have a very large horse. I called horseloverz and they were awesome as always. Immediately sent me 2 cob halters for my horses and told me to donate halters to a rescue. What a great company!

Linda G

from Florida

May 18, 2020

Cindy B

from North Carolina

April 24, 2020
Great value

Patty P

from Pennsylvania

April 24, 2020

Sally R

from North Carolina

April 23, 2020
Not as heavy as others but for the price it's ok

Kelsey L

from Iowa

July 28, 2019
Great deal and good quality!
Surprisingly sturdy for the price I got these for. I love the steep discounts from this company.


from Texas

June 11, 2019
Was very pretty not as sturdy as others

Shelby D

from Tennessee

May 25, 2019
Works great but the horse size is a little too big for my horses. One can’t wear these halters at all because his head is more narrow and long. It will not adjust down enough.

Susan L

from Indiana

May 25, 2019
Adjustable and priced right
Really good product for the money. Like that it is adjustable.

Bailey M

from Ohio

December 17, 2018
Nice, just very cheaply made. But fair for the price.

Sophia S

from Mississippi

January 16, 2018
Excellent halter- My only complaint is it runs a little large.

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