Suede Padded Nylon Halter

Product Code: 587992

Retail Price: $19.99

Colors: Dark Grey w/Dark Grey Padding, Dark Grey w/Pink, Grey Padding, Lt Blue w/Navy Padding, Brown & Beige w/Brown Padding, Navy & Light Blue w/Brown, Brown & Green w/Brown Padding, Apple Green w/Black Padding, Pink w/Dark Grey Padding, Navy & Pink w/Navy Padding, Navy w/Black Padding

Sizes: Horse, Cob

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Durably constructed from quality nylon with a soft sueded padded crown and noseband for your horses comfort. Available in a fashion pallet of colors.

Adjustable chin and throat. Zinc hardware.

Model Number and UPC Information

Style Item Number UPC
Horse Dark Grey w/Dark Grey Padding 5-423739 840875094090
Cob Dark Grey w/Dark Grey Padding 5-423740 840875094106
Horse Dark Grey w/Pink, Grey Padding 5-423741 840875094113
Cob Dark Grey w/Pink, Grey Padding 5-423742 840875094120
Cob Lt Blue w/Navy Padding 5-423744 840875094144
Horse Brown & Beige w/Brown Padding 5-423745 840875094151
Cob Brown & Beige w/Brown Padding 5-423746 840875094168
Horse Navy & Light Blue w/Brown 5-423747 840875094175
Cob Navy & Light Blue w/Brown 5-423748 840875094182
Horse Brown & Green w/Brown Padding 5-423749 840875094199
Cob Brown & Green w/Brown Padding 5-423750 840875094205
Horse Apple Green w/Black Padding 5-423751 840875094212
Cob Apple Green w/Black Padding 5-423752 840875094229
Horse Pink w/Dark Grey Padding 5-428370 840875094809
Cob Pink w/Dark Grey Padding 5-428371 840875094816
Horse Navy & Pink w/Navy Padding 5-428372 840875094823
Cob Navy & Pink w/Navy Padding 5-428373 840875094830
Cob Navy w/Black Padding 6-212042 Unavailable

Customer Reviews (3)

Lisa B

from Texas

January 16, 2024
Great Buy
Excellent halter. Well made. Great price. Will purchase again.

tracey a

from Pennsylvania

May 18, 2021
great halter, but you need to size down!

Hartley P

from Canada

July 26, 2019
Should have bought more than one
REally liked this halter, wish I bought more, good quality well sized

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