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Colors: Black, Hunter

Sizes: 34"-38", 38"-42", 42"-46", 46"-50", 50"-54"

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Gatsby Mini Wrap Turnout Sheet
Sized specifically for the smallest of equines! Keep your mini warm and dry with this waterproof and breathable turnout sheet! Made from durable 1200D ripstop polyester with a coat smoothing nylon lining, the belly band design provides maximum coverage and will give you years of use in inclement weather conditions. Features fully adjustable double hook and loop front closure, plus fleece wither protection and dees for an optional hood (not included). Guaranteed for a period of 1 YEAR from the date of purchase to be waterproof and breathable and against manufacturer defects.


  • 1200D ripstop polyester shell
  • Double hook and loop chest straps
  • Belly band design
  • Nylon coat-polishing lining
  • 1 year waterproof/breathable warranty
  • Material: 100% 1200 Denier Polyester
  • Fill: 0 gram
  • Weight: Turnout Sheet

    Fitting Your Horse's Blanket:
    An improperly fitted blanket can cause rubbing and slippage, so ensuring the best fit is essential to your horses comfort.

    Measuring Instructions:
    Stand your horse as square as possible on a level surface. Measure from the center of chest, along the side of the body, to the point of the horse's rump, just before the tail. If your horse ends up measuring between sizes, its usually best to round up to make sure they have complete coverage.

    Washing Instructions:
    To maximize your blankets lifespan, and to ensure comfort for your horse, we recommend you clean it at least annually. First, remove excess dirt from the outside of the blanket with a stiff brush and hose, if necessary. The blanket can then be washed either by hand, or on a delicate cycle with cool water in a commercial washer, using mild soap that is appropriate for waterproof/breathable performance fabrics. Do not use hot water, or regular detergent, as it can destroy the waterproofness and void any warranties. When the blanket has been washed, allow to drip dry do not put it in the dryer. Make sure it is completely dry before packing it away, and dont store it if it is damp or wet.

    Horses Turned Out:
    Gatsby Turnout Sheet and Blanket materials are waterproof and designed to keep your horse dry. However, if your horse is turned out during prolonged rain or heavy downpours, your horse may still get wet, especially around the neck and tail.

    Choosing Warmth Level:
    When using a blanket or sheet, it is critical to monitor the fluctuating climate and temperatures, even with one that is waterproof and breathable. Breathable fabrics are designed to wick away normal body heat, but when a blanket is too heavy, the resulting heat and moisture cannot be wicked away fast enough, which will make your horse sweat. Temperature, length of coat, and horse metabolism determines what weight of blanket should be used therefore, most people who blanket have several articles of horse clothing that offer varying levels of warmth.

    Gatsby Products
    We know horses are expensive, and so is finding well-made gear for them that wont break the bank thats why Gatsbys mission is to offer a variety of quality products at affordable prices.

Model Number and UPC Information

Style Item Number UPC
34"-38" Black 4-326999 840151645091
38"-42" Black 4-327000 840151645107
42"-46" Black 4-327001 840151645114
46"-50" Black 4-327002 840151645121
50"-54" Black 4-327003 840151645138
34"-38" Hunter 4-327004 840151645145
38"-42" Hunter 4-327005 840151645152
42"-46" Hunter 4-327006 840151645169
46"-50" Hunter 4-327007 840151645176
50"-54" Hunter 4-327008 840151645183

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