Polypropylene Fly Fringes

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Product Code: 588006

Retail Price: $3.99

Colors: Red/White/Blue, Burgungy/Green, Red/Yellow, Linen/Cacao

Size: Standard

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Made from polypropylene with velcro attachment. Use with bridles or halters.

Model Number and UPC Information

Style Item Number UPC
Standard Red/White/Blue 5-423753 840875094236
Standard Burgungy/Green 5-423754 840875094243
Standard Red/Yellow 5-423755 840875094250
Standard Linen/Cacao 5-423756 840875094267

Customer Reviews (2)

Hilary S

from Pennsylvania

January 16, 2024
Don't bother!
The fibers quickly frayed and became entangled. I threw the whole thing away after only a week.

Sherry W

from Indiana

January 16, 2024
The strings are falling out. It does keep flies off of their face.

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