StretchX Mane Stay Hood

Product Code: 169536

Retail Price: $59.99

Colors: Black, Navy, Purple, Red, Royal, Hot Pink, Lime Green, Burgundy, Hunter, Light PInk, Teal, Turquoise

Sizes: Small (500-800lbs), Medium (800-1100lbs), Large (1100-1400lbs), Extra Large (1400-1600lbs)

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Just in time for show season! This classic, form fitting hood, is constructed of 100% 4-way stretch spandex. Features a zipper that begins at the chin down to the chest and stays in place with a bide elastic belly wrap and a 2" plastic buckle. The headpiece is made without a center seam that will give it a sculpted look. A must have item for the serious competitor. These hoods keep braids and banding nice and neat and keep the head and neck clean and dust free.

Model Number and UPC Information

Style Item Number UPC
Small (500-800lbs) Black 5-126291 840875066455
Medium (800-1100lbs) Black 5-126292 840875066462
Large (1100-1400lbs) Black 5-126293 840875066479
Extra Large (1400-1600lbs) Black 5-126294 840875066486
Small (500-800lbs) Navy 5-126295 840875066493
Medium (800-1100lbs) Navy 5-126296 840875066509
Large (1100-1400lbs) Navy 5-126297 840875066516
Extra Large (1400-1600lbs) Navy 5-126298 840875066523
Small (500-800lbs) Purple 5-126299 840875066530
Medium (800-1100lbs) Purple 5-126300 840875066547
Large (1100-1400lbs) Purple 5-126301 840875066554
Extra Large (1400-1600lbs) Purple 5-126302 840875066561
Small (500-800lbs) Red 5-126303 840875066578
Medium (800-1100lbs) Red 5-126304 840875066585
Large (1100-1400lbs) Red 5-126305 840875066592
Extra Large (1400-1600lbs) Red 5-126306 840875066608
Small (500-800lbs) Royal 5-126307 840875066615
Medium (800-1100lbs) Royal 5-126308 840875066622
Large (1100-1400lbs) Royal 5-126309 840875066639
Extra Large (1400-1600lbs) Royal 5-126310 840875066646
Small (500-800lbs) Hot Pink 5-153130 840875066653
Medium (800-1100lbs) Hot Pink 5-153131 840875066660
Large (1100-1400lbs) Hot Pink 5-153132 840875066677
Extra Large (1400-1600lbs) Hot Pink 5-153133 840875066684
Small (500-800lbs) Lime Green 5-153134 840875066691
Medium (800-1100lbs) Lime Green 5-153135 840875066707
Large (1100-1400lbs) Lime Green 5-153136 840875066714
Extra Large (1400-1600lbs) Lime Green 5-153137 840875066721
Small (500-800lbs) Burgundy 5-153138 840875066738
Medium (800-1100lbs) Burgundy 5-153139 840875066745
Large (1100-1400lbs) Burgundy 5-153140 840875066752
Extra Large (1400-1600lbs) Burgundy 5-153141 840875066769
Small (500-800lbs) Hunter 5-153142 840875066776
Medium (800-1100lbs) Hunter 5-153143 840875066783
Large (1100-1400lbs) Hunter 5-153144 840875066790
Extra Large (1400-1600lbs) Hunter 5-153145 840875066806
Small (500-800lbs) Light PInk 5-169760 840875069630
Medium (800-1100lbs) Light PInk 5-169761 840875069678
Large (1100-1400lbs) Light PInk 5-169762 840875069685
Extra Large (1400-1600lbs) Light PInk 5-169763 840875069692
Small (500-800lbs) Teal 5-984135 840875046747
Medium (800-1100lbs) Teal 5-984136 840875046754
Large (1100-1400lbs) Teal 5-984137 840875046761
Extra Large (1400-1600lbs) Teal 5-984138 840875046778
Small (500-800lbs) Turquoise 4-294784 840151628247
Medium (800-1100lbs) Turquoise 4-294785 840151628254
Large (1100-1400lbs) Turquoise 4-294786 840151628261
Extra Large (1400-1600lbs) Turquoise 4-294787 840151628278

Customer Reviews (23)

Verified Purchase

Debbie W

from Washington

May 15, 2021

Disappointing Low Quality

Poor quality sewing and fabric. It ripped around the eye hole seems the first time putting it on my gelding.
Verified Purchase

Jamie L

from Nebraska

March 8, 2021

it is great when i can get these on sale.
Verified Purchase

Alexandria O

from Texas

March 6, 2021

A little small and the clip falls off under it but still great!
Verified Purchase

Miranda P

from Tennessee

March 2, 2021

Definitely not true to size. I originally ordered a medium based on the weight they had for that size but was way too small. So I ordered an XL & it actually fit my horse, he's only 14.2. Oh well.
Verified Purchase

Greeley E

from District of Columbia

January 22, 2021

incredibly quality for the price

i was definitely skeptical upon purchasing because of how low the price was, but do not let that scare you off! the quality for the price on these is incredible! my horses are big on destroying their slinkies, so i was searching for a cheaper option. not only were these a quarter of the price they also last much much longer!
Verified Purchase

Trish L

from South Dakota

December 31, 2020


Verified Purchase

Jodi R

from Florida

December 27, 2020

Buyer beware.

Cheaply made, buckle broke the first time I used it.
Verified Purchase

Melissa R

from Oklahoma

December 20, 2020

Great product

Great product, love that it has the zipper for a great price.
Verified Purchase


from Tennessee

November 3, 2020

Fit perfect & well made
Verified Purchase

Leigh M

from Ohio

October 6, 2020

Wash before use

Good price, just make sure you wash BEFORE using! Red one turned paint horse pink.
Verified Purchase

Brenda J

from Texas

September 4, 2020

Gatsby not good quality in mane trainers

I haven’t even opened this one. As I was so disappointed in the quality of the other two that I ordered. I will probably eventually open it and use it but it isn’t worth the trouble for me they both broke within 48 hours.
Verified Purchase

Baylee E

from Arizona

September 4, 2020

Fits well! Prooduct as described
Verified Purchase

Emma T

from Utah

August 24, 2020

Poor stitching

stitching came apart almost immediately.
Verified Purchase

Cathy P

from Maryland

August 24, 2020

Great buy

Just what I needed
Verified Purchase

Ellen G

from Texas

January 31, 2020

Great my third set.
Verified Purchase

Chelsea D

from Arizona

January 6, 2020

Doesn’t fit as good as the pull on
Verified Purchase

Karin S

from Michigan

December 25, 2019

Very well made but run extremely small. I have an XL on a gelding that usually wears a small occasionally he will need a medium.
Verified Purchase

Noone P

from Minnesota

October 30, 2019

Runs on the small side
Verified Purchase

Monica S

from Colorado

September 10, 2019

The small size we bought is much to small for the weight labeled. Otherwise great product for the price. Would purchase again.
Verified Purchase

Roxie H

from Washington

August 21, 2019

Runs a little small
Verified Purchase

Roxie H

from Washington

July 5, 2019

Runs a little small

Nicely made. Really easy to put on. But it does run a little small. This large fit a quarter pony who taped just at 900lbs. Will buy again for the price
Verified Purchase

Michele P

from New York

June 26, 2019

Runs small.
Verified Purchase

Kelsey E

from Maine

June 15, 2019

Really Nice Hood!...except for a few things

Really nice hood! Sadly the hood did not fit my mare well, but that was fault (I got an average horse size for my Hanoverian). I also wish you could put the hood on and take it off without having to take off my horses halter as it is just a huge hassle when I’m at the show. Overall though I really like it and will keep using it! Another thing to note though, the black color really does heat up when they are in direct sunlight, so I suggest going with the lightest color.

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