StretchX Full Body Slicker with Zipper

Product Code: 560604

Retail Price: $139.99

Colors: Black, Navy, Purple, Red, Royal, Hunter, Hot Pink, Lime Green, Light PInk, Burgundy, Teal, Turquoise

Sizes: Small (500-800lbs), Medium (800-1100lbs), Large (1100-1400lbs), X-Large (1400-1600lbs)

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GATSBY StretchX4-Way stretch spandex slicker. Full Body Slicker is made from 8oz 4-way stretch lycra that covers from muzzle to tail. Great as a sheet or blanket liner. Full separating zipper from muzzle to base of chest. No center seam face design and extra large no-rub eye holes. Machine washable (gentle cycle, warm water, fasten velcro securely. Dry low heat only.

Model Number and UPC Information

Style Item Number UPC
Small (500-800lbs) Black 5-362089 840875089270
Medium (800-1100lbs) Black 5-362090 840875089287
Large (1100-1400lbs) Black 5-362091 840875089294
X-Large (1400-1600lbs) Black 5-362092 840875089300
Small (500-800lbs) Navy 5-362093 840875089317
Medium (800-1100lbs) Navy 5-362094 840875089324
Large (1100-1400lbs) Navy 5-362095 840875089331
X-Large (1400-1600lbs) Navy 5-362096 840875089348
Small (500-800lbs) Purple 5-362097 840875089355
Medium (800-1100lbs) Purple 5-362098 840875089362
Large (1100-1400lbs) Purple 5-362099 840875089379
X-Large (1400-1600lbs) Purple 5-362100 840875089386
Small (500-800lbs) Red 5-362101 840875089393
Medium (800-1100lbs) Red 5-362102 840875089409
Large (1100-1400lbs) Red 5-362103 840875089416
X-Large (1400-1600lbs) Red 5-362104 840875089423
Small (500-800lbs) Royal 5-362105 840875089430
Medium (800-1100lbs) Royal 5-362106 840875089447
Large (1100-1400lbs) Royal 5-362107 840875089454
X-Large (1400-1600lbs) Royal 5-362108 840875089461
Small (500-800lbs) Hunter 5-362113 840875089515
Medium (800-1100lbs) Hunter 5-362114 840875089522
Large (1100-1400lbs) Hunter 5-362115 840875089539
X-Large (1400-1600lbs) Hunter 5-362116 840875089546
Small (500-800lbs) Hot Pink 5-362117 840875089553
Medium (800-1100lbs) Hot Pink 5-362118 840875089560
Large (1100-1400lbs) Hot Pink 5-362119 840875089577
X-Large (1400-1600lbs) Hot Pink 5-362120 840875089584
Small (500-800lbs) Lime Green 5-362121 840875089591
Medium (800-1100lbs) Lime Green 5-362122 840875089607
Large (1100-1400lbs) Lime Green 5-362123 840875089614
X-Large (1400-1600lbs) Lime Green 5-362124 840875089621
Small (500-800lbs) Light PInk 5-362125 840875089638
Medium (800-1100lbs) Light PInk 5-362126 840875089645
Large (1100-1400lbs) Light PInk 5-362127 840875089652
X-Large (1400-1600lbs) Light PInk 5-362128 840875089669
Small (500-800lbs) Burgundy 5-984146 840875046532
Medium (800-1100lbs) Burgundy 5-984147 840875046556
Large (1100-1400lbs) Burgundy 5-984148 840875046563
X-Large (1400-1600lbs) Burgundy 5-984149 840875046570
Small (500-800lbs) Teal 5-984150 840875046587
Medium (800-1100lbs) Teal 5-984151 840875046594
Large (1100-1400lbs) Teal 5-984152 840875046600
X-Large (1400-1600lbs) Teal 5-984153 840875046617
Small (500-800lbs) Turquoise 4-294791 840151628315
Medium (800-1100lbs) Turquoise 4-294792 840151628322
Large (1100-1400lbs) Turquoise 4-294793 840151628339
X-Large (1400-1600lbs) Turquoise 4-294794 840151628346

Customer Reviews (10)

Verified Purchase

hilary c

from District of Columbia

July 15, 2021

Nice slicker

Love this slicker, good quality, had to order up a size
Verified Purchase

Lynn M

from Wisconsin

February 4, 2021

Great products for cheap!

havent tried it on my horse yet but its great quality!
Verified Purchase

Melissa H

from Texas

January 2, 2021

Good deal for what you get!

Thickness is good. Zipper works well. Runs small
Verified Purchase

Shawnee C

from Arkansas

December 30, 2020

Needs a bit more velcro on nose peice
Verified Purchase

Gryffin A

from Idaho

November 11, 2020

super great price
Verified Purchase

Jonathan H

from South Carolina

October 28, 2020

What I needed and fast delivery!
Verified Purchase

Kathleen C

from Illinois

July 27, 2020

Slick Slicker

Fits perfectly and easy to use.
Verified Purchase

sherry o

from Oregon

November 30, 2019

More than happy w/ this product! It's everything I wanted
Verified Purchase

Stephanie S

from Nevada

November 1, 2019

Cheap zipper

Zipper broke first night my horse wore it. Luckily I was able to get it sewed so it would not do it again. Otherwise it is easy to put on and fits well. Shipping was fast.
Verified Purchase

Suzan F

from California

October 28, 2019

The product is fine but it took too long to receive it and I am returning it. Got same thing from another site in 24 hours.

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