Classic Nylon Breakaway Halter with Snap

Product Code: 153621

Retail Price: $21.99

Colors: Brown, Burgundy, Green, Hunter, Navy, Orange, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, Black, Tan, Red/White/Blue, Mint Green

Sizes: Oversize, Cob, Horse

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Classic Nylon Breakaway Halter with Snap

Made by Gatsby, a reputable company that has been making quality goods for over 30 years, this is a heavy-duty nylon halter with a breakaway crown. This amazing halter features:

  • Double ply, durable nylon
  • Double buckle, pre-conditioned leather crown, which is the standard Gatsby replacement halter crown and is easily available for replacement
  • Spring snap on the side, made to be extremely easy to undo, even on cold days
  • adjustable chin with grommets in them easy adjustments
  • Rolled throat for added comfort
  • durable nickel plated hardware
This halter is great for using as a turnout halter, when trailering or even when they are in their stalls. The leather crown will break, helping to prevent injury to your horse. Try it and see why more people are switching to quality Gatsby items for their horses.

Model Number and UPC Information

Style Item Number UPC
Oversize Brown 5-111323 840875043470
Oversize Burgundy 5-111324 840875043487
Oversize Green 5-111325 840875043494
Oversize Hunter 5-111326 840875043500
Oversize Navy 5-111327 840875043517
Oversize Orange 5-111328 840875043524
Oversize Purple 5-111329 840875043531
Oversize Red 5-111330 840875043548
Oversize Royal Blue 5-111331 840875043555
Cob Black 5-111301 840875043258
Cob Brown 5-111302 840875043265
Cob Burgundy 5-111303 840875043272
Cob Green 5-111304 840875043289
Cob Hunter 5-111305 840875043296
Cob Navy 5-111306 840875043302
Cob Tan 5-111307 Unavailable
Cob Purple 5-111308 840875043326
Cob Red 5-111309 840875043333
Cob Royal Blue 5-111310 840875043340
Horse Black 5-111311 840875043357
Horse Brown 5-111312 840875043364
Horse Burgundy 5-111313 840875043371
Horse Green 5-111314 840875043388
Horse Hunter 5-111315 840875043395
Horse Navy 5-111316 840875043401
Horse Orange 5-111317 840875043418
Horse Purple 5-111318 840875043425
Horse Red 5-111319 840875043432
Horse Red/White/Blue 5-111320 840875043449
Horse Royal Blue 5-111321 840875043456
Oversize Black 5-111322 840875043463
Cob Mint Green 5-111629 840875051963
Horse Mint Green 5-111630 840875051970
Oversize Mint Green 5-111631 840875051987
Cob Red/White/Blue 5-281309 840875087610
Oversize Red/White/Blue 5-281310 840875087627
Cob Orange 5-462844 840875043319

Customer Reviews (10)

Verified Purchase

Susan K

from New York

September 6, 2019

Good turnout halter at low price. chin strap breaks eventually
Verified Purchase

Nora T

from New Hampshire

November 4, 2018

Awesome halters

Great colors and quality!
Verified Purchase

Jeannie L

from Massachusetts

October 7, 2018

Good Halter for the price

Good halter for the price and a very nice leather break away crown. Don’t expect that crown to break with a cob sized horse. But if you prefer a leather crown with the rest nylon it is a good halter for the price.
Verified Purchase

Heather C

from Pennsylvania

September 25, 2018

Terrible quality. Throat snap broke almost immediately. HorseLoverz refunded the purchase.
Verified Purchase

Jennifer B

from Massachusetts

February 6, 2018

Exactly what you would expect
Verified Purchase

Beckford L

from Wisconsin

January 19, 2018

Verified Purchase

Barbara D

from Oregon

January 16, 2018

Nice halter, great price

Kelley R

from California

April 14, 2016

Odd color and size

I got the red/white/blue one in cob size. The white looks kind of pink on mine, too. The leather seems very cheap and I suspect it will break easily, as intended. I have Gatsby brand all leather Halters with the 'pre-conditioned leather' that is advertised on this one, but the all leather ones feel completely different, this one is much stiffer and the finish is beginning to crack right out of the package. The nose band is as large as Gatsby's regular horse size halter, and can go a hole larger.
Verified Purchase

Kaitlin F

from New York

April 4, 2016

Mixed Reviews

I"ve owned two of these halters, the mint green an the green. The mint green was great, the cob perfectly fit my hard to halter TB, and the leather was adequate, it was a pretty color. He stepped on his lead once when grazing, the leather came apart as it was supposed to, I had enough holes on either side to adjust and he continued to wear it. Unfortunately it got lost or taken somewhere in a shipping trip across a few state borders, so I bought the green when on sale. My horse wore it less than a week before he pulled back in some cross ties, and destroyed it. Unfortunately, it was not the leather that broke this time: it held overly well, and the metal on the sides of his face was what gave away. Neither of those things are safe at all. When I contacted this site I was told that since the halter "did its job and broke" and the halter was obviously not usable, and unfortunately past the 30 day purchase mark, I probably couldn't return it. Was very disappointed in this response to "Satisfaction Guarantee".

Sarah S

from Kansas

June 28, 2015

Great low price

Pros: It fit my haflinger well, considering it is hard to find proper fitting halters and bridles. The leather was stiff at first, but just wiggling it around a bit softened it up. It didn't have that gross, cheap leather smell either.
Cons: The noseband could use another hole or two to make it not so loose. Also, the red bled into the white, so the hite was more of a pinkish color.

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